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“We all want to avoid the discomforts of life—whether they’re physical or relational. When we can’t, we feel out of control and desperate. We seek to control people and situations so we can manage our thoughts and feelings about our world and ourselves.” (Kevin Scherer)

“Our human nature will take what is good and spoil it, because our nature is to be in control. This perpetuates a neurotic way of dealing with our feelings and emotions, and even our spiritual life. We are living in an age when everything is in a constant state of flux and when people are in constant pursuit of pleasure. Given the state of our world, it is easy to approach our life in the Church in a state of neurosis.” (Abbot Tryphon)

“Above all, we live in an age of superficial and false relationships between people and their God. We see around us a fascination with ancient religions centered around many false gods instead of the one true God, an emphasis on feelings in place of correct knowledge and worship of Him. We witness the contemporary fascination with crystals and horoscopes and magic, and at the same time a great disinterest in basic morality.” (Greek Orthodox Archdiocese)

“For others among us, our lives are driven by our immediate needs and cravings. Only our feelings of the moment hold any significance. What we currently desire forces out every other consideration. We become like chips tossed by the wind, moving in the direction of the prevailing highs and lows, yet never able to find lasting satisfaction. Soon we rush on to the next all-important moment, the next ultimate event, or the new, perfect relationship.” (Dynamis 11/25/2014)

"The modern world often requires us to boast of our achievements, to present our best face in interviews or workplaces. Modern business practices can leave people feeling insecure about their livelihood and people may be forced to exaggerate their successes. We must guard against these influences affecting our inner life. It is a way of thinking that is alien to authentic Christianity." (Father Spyridon Baily)

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