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“Jesus says not to have an anxious mind (Luke 12:29) and Paul says, ‘Be anxious for nothing’ (Philippians 4:6). Yet we spend so much time being anxious. Some of this is because we actually trust our own thought too much. None of us can perceive the complete reality of any circumstance in its fullness. We will always need the perspective of others. Most important, however, is to gain the mind of Christ through daily and continual prayer, living the life of the Church, and frequent Holy Communion. It is only through our growth in our union with Christ that we see clearer.” (Sacramental Living Ministries)

Today, on the glorious feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos, we find encouragement in the Virgin Mary who, as a fellow human being, followed this path, gained the mind of Christ, and even now provides a superb example of what is possible for us. We examine the mind of Christ, beautifully mirrored in the Theotokos herself, to remind ourselves that this mind can be ours.” (Dynamis 8/15/2018)

“…by “repent,” I do not simply mean, “feel sorry for your sins and try to do better.” I mean “undertake the very painstaking, moment-in-and-moment-out work of changing your thinking, which is the root meaning of the New Testament word for repentance: metanoia.” Only by struggling to put on the mind of Christ is the Christian able to grow in the divine image in which she or he has been created.” (Bishop John Michael Botean)

“To distinguish between our own feelings and thoughts and the guidance of the Spirit requires regular prayer, long practice in discernment, and the counsel of a spiritual advisor and wise pastor. The Scriptures help us to prepare our hearts to hear the Spirit. But we must remember that He cannot lead if we simply rush to the Bible, grasping for a verse, or thumb through the writings of the Fathers in search of a word we want to hear. Rather, we must develop a habit of reading and meditating on the great treasures of holy tradition so as to steep ourselves in the mind of Christ.” (Dynamis 7/4/2015)

"The task of repentance is literally a change of mind. Our goal is to acquire the Mind of Christ which is the Mind of the Church. The Scriptures show us this Mind. The Church services reveal to us this Mind." (Archimandrite Sergius)

“We must recover this life of asceticism and self-sacrifice. We must make every effort to flee from our self-centered wills, and enter into the “mind of Christ.” Through this struggle, we can overcome our destructive egos, rejecting the parochial view of “the parish as the universe,” and united to Christ, developing a worldview of “the universe as the parish.” (Father Luke A. Veronis)

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