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Pain and Suffering

“For most of us God is just there. We seldom give it a second thought. Some go away to school and we become confused...we see the church and the faithful leading double standards. We take note of inconsistencies that have nothing to do with the belief in God. Pain and suffering cause us to ask painful questions about God's love and we simply do not understand…No person ever really discovers God until there is a felt need in his life that only God can fill. Until you need Him you won't have Him..." (Rev. William Chiganos)

“Pain and suffering are inevitable elements of life. What is not inevitable is our willingness to find meaning in it, or rather, to put meaning into it by enlarging our attention in order to see what God is accomplishing through it. We have to choose this change of perspective.” (Bishop John Michael Botean)

“The world is full of pain, fear and suffering. These feelings, without any exceptions, are experienced by all humans. It’s what causes our heart to ache, our mind to go hay-wire, and our emotions to become distorted…Pray for strength to endure with love and stand firm in your faith no matter what. At some point in our life we will face pain and suffering. This is our crucifixion and our opportunity to be joined with Christ.” (Saint Paisios the Athonite, Fr. Dn. Charles Joiner)

“The pain and suffering, we experience are unique to our own person, and so are the myriad lessons they teach us. Out of their depths, however, come common treasures which can strengthen our character, sharpen our understanding, and order our priorities aright. For each of us, therefore, no suffering is without purpose. God allows us the experience of suffering in the hope that we will then share with others what we have learned, and become a source of blessing and help to them. Let us be open to God's comfort so that in the good time of His choosing, He can then comfort still others through each of us.” (Rev. Andrew Demotses)

“The world we live in today has seen so much pain and suffering. It’s easy to get caught up in the mayhem and focus on the negative. There is still so much good in the world and so many people who embody God’s Word. That goodness is a light that can illumine the darkness we constantly feel swallowed up by, and it is an extension of God’s great love for us.” (Alyssa Loutsion Kyritsis)

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