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Deep Things of God

“Reading Scripture regularly leads us deeper into the ways of Lord, so that we may acquire His perspective on the activities of the world. Scripture provides a light to our minds amidst the swirl of popular opinion, trends, and fads.” (Dynamis 5/23/2018)

“What Scripture teaches us again and again is that the way of salvation, God's commandments, His will, even the most deep matters of who God is, are not far off and distant such that one has to go on a journey to find them. Nor are they so obscure and difficult that only the extremely well educated can understand them. Nor are they obtained through some mystic ritual of initiation done in the secret chambers for the elite.” (Father Stephen De Young)

“The mindset within our modern culture is one of constant progress, of striving to be something other than what we are. The classical pattern within the Church does the opposite – it moves towards a deeper and deeper realization of the truth of our being.” (Father Stephen Freeeman)

“You and I and all human beings have a deep longing for something more than we can find within ourselves. God made us that way…It is indeed a beautiful and wondrous world into which God has placed us. Many seek the answer to that deep longing within themselves in that world, or within that part of the world that is themselves, for the ultimate meaning of it all. They reject the concept that there is anything beyond or outside of the physical or material realm which we can see. Nevertheless, though they search and search for that which would satisfy the inner yearning within their heart for the meaning and purpose of it all, it is hidden from them (Eccl. 8:17). They cannot fathom what God has done in creating the universe and themselves because he is the answer to that quest, and they have eliminated that answer from their universe.” (Michael Fackerell)

“The true wisdom, the true understanding of everything that is, is held by He who created everything that is, God the Father, and with His Son through Whom were created all things, and, … His Spirit who dwells within Him…the Son became Incarnate in the person of Jesus Christ in order to reveal these deep and mysterious truths to we human beings. Further, Christ made these revelations publicly, in the hearing of all, not in shadowy caves to a few select initiates, nor to only the most brilliant scholars who could comprehend some complex series of metaphysical arguments. Rather, He revealed the great hidden truths on which the world was founded, the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, through parables, through simple analogies to everyday human life, even the everyday human life of poor Mediterranean peasants to whom He primarily spoke.” (Father Stephen De Young)

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