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“We are consumed by what we desire…self-seeking is insatiable.” (Father Barnabas Powell, Sr. Dr. Vassa Larin)

“The proof of love is its manifestation in deeds…Our love is true if we keep our self-will in check according to His commandments. One who is wandering here and there through his unlawful desire does not really love God, because he has opposing Him, in his self-will.” (St. Gregory the Great)

“Do not think that you have a right to complain when your prayers are not answered. God fulfills your desires in a manner that you do not know…God has a way of providing. He sees our needs, our desires, and when something is for our good He gives it to us.” (St. Nectarios of Aegina, Saint Paisios of Mount Athos)

"There must be a purity to our motivation, so that even the desire for inward holiness is not the fruit of wanting to be a certain way, but for the glory of God." (Father Spyridon Baily)

“His [Christ's] desire is that we should be such noble, true, and right creatures that we never can possibly do or think a thing that shall bind even a thread round our spirits and make us feel as if we were tied anywhere. He wants us to be free—not as the winds—not to be free as the man who owns no law, but to be free by having God’s law in our hearts and by being incarnations of God’s truth…Remember these words: “Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me” (Mk 8:34). Our desires, our will, and our private ways must be placed on the cross now, in this life, or we shall have no fellowship with Him.” (George Macdonald, Dynamis 10/12/2018)

“Delight in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart (Psalms 37:4) - Many times, we read this verse as a promise that God will give us anything that we want because He wants us to be happy. In reality, this verse goes much deeper. When we truly delight in God, He plants in our hearts godly desires that He delights to fulfill.” (Foundation Study Bible, Psalms 37:4)

“Through our spiritual vision we see and know the smallest movements of the heart, all our thoughts, desires and intentions in general, almost everything that is in our soul. But God is greater than our heart. He is within us and around us and everywhere, in every place, as the Single, All-seeing, Spiritual eye, of which our own spiritual vision is but a small specimen, and, therefore, He knows all that is in us a thousand times better and more clearly than we ourselves…” (St. John of Krondstadt)

"I have many, varying desires and wants and needs every day. At times there is unfulfilled desire and unfulfilled ambition. Sometimes I can’t even identify what it is that I desire. It’s just a hole in my heart. Let me identify that it is God, the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, Who is lacking in my heart." (Sr. Dr. Vassa Larin)

"Whether, therefore, we receive what we ask for, or do not receive it, let us still continue steadfast in prayer. For to fail in obtaining the desires of our heart, when God so wills it, is not worse than to receive it; for we know not as He does, what is profitable to us." (St. John Chrysostom)

“If you are a child of God whose heart’s desire is to see God glorified through you, adversity will not put you down for the count. There will be those initial moments of shock and confusion. But the man or woman who has God’s perspective on this life and the life to come will always emerge victorious!” (Charles Stanley)

“The natural human heart wants to be king, and so it is hostile to God’s claims of lordship over us. Until we see our instinctive hostility to God’s authority, we can’t understand one of the great, deep mainsprings of all human behavior. We are committed to the idea that the only way we will be happy is if we are wholly in charge of our lives. Of course, this self-centered desire to command and control leads to conflict with other human beings. So hostilities with God lead to hostilities with others. There is no peace on earth because there is no peace with God." (Pastor Timothy Keller)

“We are indeed a mixed bag, a confusion of good and evil. Indeed, we are not good one moment and evil the next. Rather, our good never seems to be entirely pure, lacking in mixed motives, and our evil never seems to be devoid of some good desire, regardless of how perverted and distorted that desire might be.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“Our desires are oriented toward sensible things rather than toward spiritual, and our will is prone to choose the evil over the good. We as persons are, therefore, enslaved to a nature that is corruptible and oriented away from God.” (Clark Carlton)

“We resent abandoning our own desires and we think that we can carry out both God’s wishes and our own – which is impossible.” (Saint Peter of Damascus)

“We should honor God and center our desires on him (Matthew 6:33), and we should be content with what God is doing in our lives (Philippians 4:11-13).” (Life Application Study Bible, 1 Timothy 6:6)

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