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“Arguing with others, even over matters of faith, is usually a fruitless venture that rarely leads the other to ponder the truth of your words. Better to demonstrate truth by holiness of life, patience, and kindness in our responses.” (Abbot Tryphon)

“The rational mind champions argument and judgment (it was always meant to measure, weigh and compare). But the rational mind was never intended to be the seat of the soul. That belongs to the nous. And it is only in the sobriety of noetic comprehension that the truth of the faith yields itself up as the life-giving Word of God. Only the sobriety of noetic perception is able to wield the fiery coal of the Divine revelation in such a way that it heals and doesn’t destroy.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“Christians make a lot of mistakes, and often those costly errors and arrogant attitudes undermine a deep desire that Jesus would become vividly real to you. (I can think of conversations I’ve had that stole a part of God’s reputation because I reduced the Christian message to a “who-is-more-right” argument.)” (David Kinnaman & Gabe Lyons)

“Philosophy and mere intellectual arguments never overcome doubt without the aid of evidence of God’s work in the world.” (Father Barnabas Powell)

“A heart-to-heart conversation with someone who has solved all of life’s mysteries and considers every question settled, who brushes away new insights with pre-determined conclusions, is both disappointing and enervating. By contrast, when we converse with someone who examines life’s questions freely, who shares from the heart and looks forward to learning through an honest exchange of ideas, we find our souls energized and lifted up.” (OCPM 5/21/2017)

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