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“Blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh (ὅτιγελάσετε).” (Lk 6: 21) Here is an oft forgotten, oft-neglected promise made by my Lord to those who take up their cross: laughter! I have seen this promise come true in the lives of people who lead lives of conscious, spiritual growth and struggle: Despite their unmistakable, focused earnestness, they often laugh wholeheartedly. They have the capacity to laugh good-naturedly at themselves, and at the absurdity of some of our human predicaments. So laughter is a gift of the Holy Spirit, promised to those of us who open up to weeping –to weeping in His light, according to His truth." (Sr. Dr. Vassa Larin)

“Laughter is a precious gift, for it allows us to share circumstances in a special way. When we allow ourselves to enjoy funny events, we are able to put ourselves in proper perspective. Our ability to laugh at ourselves helps reduce our sense of self-importance.” (Abbot Tryphon)

“Laughter is a precious gift to life, and it is wonderful when we can see and enjoy the oftentimes humorous events and circumstances of our lives. It is especially wonderful when we are able to eliminate our sense of self-importance and also laugh heartily at ourselves.” (Rev Andrew J. Demotses)

“Laughter removes all barriers. When people are laughing together, there are no age differences, no racial barriers, and no economic distinctions. It is just people enjoying their existence.” (Bruce Bickel and Stan Jantz)

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