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“My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment (James 3:1)”. Teachers are often leaders and leaders are often teachers. Leaders should live what they teach. God will hold both leaders and teachers to a higher standard and in stricter judgement when they are hypocritical. Christ demonstrates this in His castigation and evisceration of the Pharisees in Matthew 23:1-39 when He points out how they repeatedly teach one thing and do another.” (Sacramental Living Blog)

“This verse [Matthew 23:10] is a warning against the human tendency to replace a personal relationship with God with following an earthly leader. No matter how dynamic or even how godly such a leader is, as soon as people start looking to that person rather than to God, they have created an idol.” (Foundation Study Bible, Matthew 23:10)

“Because the example of a leader can be so influential, leaders who do not love God can hinder others from finding Him as well. Thus, leaders are held to a higher standard (Jam 3:1).” (Orthodox Study Bible, Matthew 23:13)

“When we consider what Christ did, how much He condescended and humbled Himself, how can anyone claim that anything is beneath him? Who can complain that he is not treated with respect or that his dignity has been compromised? When we remember our Lord washing the feet of mere mortal men, we will know it is quite wrong to think anything or anyone is beneath us.” (Archimandrite Vassilios Papavassiliou)

“But Jesus wrapped a towel around his waist, as the lowliest slave would do, and washed and dried his disciples’ feet. If even he, God in the flesh, is willing to serve, we his followers must also be servants, willing to serve in any way that glorifies God....There is a special blessing for those who not only agree that humble service is Christ’s way, but who also follow through and do it." (Life Application Study Bible, John 13:1-7)

“...we follow a Savior who knew when to preach but also when to be content washing feet. Jesus delivered the gospel from the bottom up. We can do that too.” (Lillian Daniel)

“Imagine being Peter and watching Jesus wash the others’ feet, all the while moving closer to you. Seeing his Master behave like a slave must have confused Peter. He still did not understand Jesus’ teaching that to be a leader, a person must be a servant. This is not a comfortable passage for leaders who find it hard to serve those beneath them.” (Life Application Study Bible, John 13:6-7)

"Christian leadership as described and modeled by Christ is always through service and love. Our Lord girded Himself and washed the feet of the disciples.” (Antiochian Archdiocese)

"Because they can easily deceive others, those who put on a show of virtue or religion are more dangerous than those who are evil outright. Thus, we must be all the more cautious among those who are outwardly virtuous.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Matthew 7:15)

“Jesus says to beware of those whose words sound religious but who are motivated by money, fame, or power. You can tell who they are because in their teaching they minimize Christ and glorify themselves.” (Life Application Study Bible, Matthew 7:15)

“…good shepherds of the Church…do not rely upon their own wisdom and refuse to think highly of themselves. They embrace discipline as a gift of great profit, obey the Spirit’s leading, confess weakness and ignorance, and prayerfully examine their thoughts, intentions, words, and deeds in the light of both God’s word and the counsel of their superiors. These, of course, are actions that God requires of us all!” (Dynamis 12/6/2013)

“If any so-called religious personality draws attention only to himself or herself, his or her work is not from God… Real spiritual leadership involves service.” (Life Application Study Bible, 2 Thessalonians 2:9, Colossians 3:18-19)

“Instead of using people, we are to serve them...Servant leaders appreciate others’ worth and realize that they’re not above any job.” (Life Application Study Bible, Mark 9:35)

“St. John Chrysostom notes that the scribes were depraved in thought and in heart, yet Jesus still upholds the dignity of their office, for they speak not their own words but God's. Likewise within the Church, the clergy are to be shown respect because they hold the apostolic office, even though they too are sinners. Furthermore, the sins of the clergy do not relieve the people from their responsibilities before God.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Matthew 23:2-3)

"People desire positions of leadership not only in business but also in the church. It is dangerous when love for position grows stronger than loyalty to God. This is what happened to the Pharisees and teachers of religious law. Jesus condemned leaders who serve themselves rather than others.” (Life Application Study, Matthew 23:5-7)

“Because the example of a leader can be so influential, leaders who do not love God can hinder others from finding Him as well. Thus, leaders are held to a higher standard." (Orthodox Study Bible, Matthew 23:13)

"...there are so many pitfalls in the exercising of authority: he who wields authority wields a God-given weapon, and he must constantly be on guard lest he misuse it for selfish ends. Authority must never be exercised in an arbitrary, unreasonable manner.” (J.H. Waterink)

“God does not expect us to obey those in authority when they ask us to disobey Him or His Word…A true Christian leader is a servant, not an autocrat!” (Life Application Study Bible, Exodus 1:17-21, 3 John 1:9-10)

“The world’s system of leadership is very different from leadership in God’s Kingdom. Worldly leaders are often selfish and arrogant as they claw their way to the top...But among Christians, the leader is to be the one who serves best. There are different styles of leadership—some lead through public speaking, some through administering, some through relationships—but every Christian leader needs a servant’s heart…A real leader has a servant’s heart.” (Life Application Study Bible, Luke 22:24-27, Matthew 20:27)

“Anyone who is considering ordained ministry, lay leadership, or active participation in the Church must give the Lord first place in his heart. To become disciples, we must be certain of the urgency of the work to which the Lord calls us.” (Dynamis 8/26/15)

"More often than not, we ourselves create most temptations when we put our ego within our collaborations with others; that is, when we wish to exalt ourselves. No one climbs to heaven through worldly ascent, but through spiritual descent." (Elder Paisios of Mount Athos)

“The most basic task of the Church leader is to discern the spiritual gifts of all those under his authority, and to encourage those gifts to be used to the full for the benefit of all. Only a person who can discern the gifts of others and can humbly rejoice at the flowering of those gifts is fit to lead the Church.” (St. John Chrysostom)

"Today there are still preachers and religious teachers who care only about money and not about truth. Those who truly speak for God should teach God’s Word with sincerity and integrity and should never preach for selfish reasons…Christian workers must not let their attitude about pay and benefits hinder the gospel. It is too easy for desire for more pay to enter into a person’s mind and distract from serving.” (Life Application Study Bible, 2 Corinthians 2:17, 1 Corinthians 9:13-15)

“Spiritual leadership is serious business and must not be taken lightly by the church or its leaders… The dividing line between right and wrong often seems blurred, but spiritual leaders are supposed to help others see it.” (Life Application Study Bible, Acts 6:7, Micah 3:1)

"Godly leaders focus on correcting their own faults. Losers focus on criticizing other's faults.” (Rick Warren)

“The key isn't to focus on making others follow, but on making yourself the kind of person they want to follow.” (John Maxwell)

“Instead of using people, we are to serve them....Servant leaders appreciate others’ worth and realize that they’re not above any job…real spiritual leadership involved loving service.” (Life Application Study Bible, Matthew 20:27, Ephesians 5:22-24)

“Power and self-interest may appear successful in the short run, but they do not ultimately"work” in a world created by a good and just God. Therefore cruel, selfish power is not only sinful, but stupid. It brings about loneliness, emptiness, and destruction. Faithfulness, integrity, unselfish service, and love are not only right but wise, because they fit the fabric of reality.” (Pastor Timothy Keller)

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