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Fallen World

“Lot dwelt in the cities of the plain and pitched his tent even as far as Sodom” (Genesis 13:12). Lot “pitched his tent” in Sodom, but Abraham built an altar (Genesis 13:18)—a notable difference in the two men….Lot was attached to the beauty of the landscape. It looked like the Garden of Eden. Unlike Abraham, he walked by sight, and not by faith (2 Corinthians 5:7). Thus, he chose wrongfully, not because of the beauty itself, but because of his immature faith. His poor judgment landed him with the people of Sodom…One trapped himself in the environment of this fallen world; the other focused himself on the Lord.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Genesis 13:10-13, 14-18)

“A man with a gentle spirit is the healer of the heart, But a sensual heart is the moth of the bones.” (Proverbs 14:31 LXX). A gentle spirit is a fruit of the general virtues, and such a man heals his own heart. But a sensual heart is the moth of the bones, because this heart is overcome with the cares of the fallen world.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Proverbs 14:31)

“We must not accept the fallen world to be “natural and normal.” This is the greatest lie that is perpetrated on us by the media, the passions, and the devil, for it excuses sin instead of making us realize change is possible and that we need to work for that change…We have choices, and can choose to live in communion with Christ, even amidst the fallen world around us.” (Archimandrite Sergius, Fr. Joseph Irvin)

“Our fallen world often threatens to reduce and empty our lives of uniqueness and mystery. But God has another path for us, one that leads to spiritual maturity and joy…God works in “everything” – not just isolated incidents - for our own good. This does not mean that all that happens to us is good. Evil is prevalent in our fallen world, but God is able to turn every circumstance around for our long-range good.” (Father Barnabas Powell, Life Application Study Bible, Romans 8:28)

“Through the operation of our wills, in cooperation with God's grace, we can surmount many of the trials and tribulations that life in the fallen world brings with it. We must endure them, because they are part of this world that we dwell in, but we need not be overwhelmed or determined by them.” (Fr. Joseph Irvin)

"When Christians understand Christ’s Gospel to be but one of humankind’s many religions, even the first, best, and greatest, the Gospel ceases to be what it is. It becomes but another product of sinful humanity in its fallen form..." (Father Thomas Hopko) “Fallen human nature can make demands on us when it comes to receiving one another. However, God’s purposes are at stake. He wills for the Church to be marked by unity, fellowship, and genuine caring among all members. In this fallen world, our Church members are not necessarily compatible socially or economically or culturally. We are the Body of Christ, however – a people committed to the praise of God (Romans 15:11).” (Dynamis 7/1/2015) “…we live in a fallen world with good behavior is not always rewarded and bad behavior is not always punished…To be unshakeable, faith must be built on the confidence that God’s ultimate purpose will come to pass.” (Life Application Study Bible, Job 1:1) “To find that one’s emotions do not ‘come to heel’ and line up as stable sentiments in permanent conformity with one’s convictions is simply the facts of being a fallen, and still imperfectly redeemed, man. We may be thankful if, by continual prayer and self- discipline, we can, over years, make some approach to that stability.” (C.S. Lewis) “Holiness is better understood as wholeness, being made whole, or healed. We seek healing from the darkness and estrangement we’ve inherited as a result of the Fall. We seek out the God of righteousness, who alone can heal us of our infirmity. As Christ increases in us, our fallen nature decreases. We replace our fallen self by keeping God’s commandments and loving God before all else. When we do so, the ego is trampled down and we become children of the Most High.” (Abbot Tryphon)

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