• Michael Haldas


“Peace in the world begins with peace with yourself. It takes a next step when we seek to be peacemakers and not peace-takers. It is when we learn to come into a situation bringing peace and seeking peace, rather than bringing chaos and always seeking victory.” (Fr. Stavros N. Akrotirianakis)

“Chaos is always the greatest danger to human existence. Our creativity and adaptability also mean that we have greater opportunity to get things wrong. Most of our chaotic episodes come as the result of unintended consequences. Social and economic decisions in one place undermine fundamental structures in another. Drive through the Rust Belt, or the swath of former coal-mining communities and you’ll see what I mean. A war would have caused less damage. It strikes me as interesting that we imagine war to be an answer to chaos. In the 60’s, the government created the “War on Poverty,” while we continue fighting the “War on Drugs” in what is now becoming its sixth decade. Neither, of course, has made much of a dent in its stated goals. “War” is a modern image of a form of progress….In point of fact, war is chaos. Chaos itself is never the solution to chaos, short of annihilation.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“Christ…has already won the victory. However, He did not win that victory by taking vengeance or punishing those in the world who opposed Him, who ultimately murdered Him. He did not fight back with the weapons of violence and death that the Devil used against Him and uses against us. Rather, when we were, to all appearances, the enemies of God and of His Christ, Jesus Christ died for us, to free us from bondage to Satan. Christ defeated Satan by binding him, and taking back from the Enemy what he had stolen, the hostages he had taken, we ourselves. Satan had deluded us into becoming God's enemies, Christ defeated him by reconciling us to God, and making us His friends.” (Father Stephen De Young)

“Our life on this earth is such that we are always becoming enslaved to material things, while the angels never are. This life was given to us so that we may learn about eternal life, that we may learn how to become free, to walk freely and with a clear conscience and pure thoughts. When we are free, then there are no spiritual battles or warfare; victory is ours only because we have abandoned ourselves to God, because we worship Him in our hearts and have united with Him, giving no more thought to this world. He is the One Who determines our life, and we receive everything that comes to us as from His own hand.” (Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica)

“The path to victory over this life, this world, and over all of our pain, losses, and suffering, lies with clinging onto Christ with blind trust and hope every moment of our life. The joy and hope of God’s love and promise to us will always be there and be the final word. Every cross will be empty and a place of hope and peace. Every broken heart will be like the space of the empty tomb, filled with light and devoid of pain and sorrow. God wouldn’t have it any other way.” (Father Joshua Makoul)

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