• Michael Haldas

Faith (Unshakeable)

“…we live in a fallen world with good behavior is not always rewarded and bad behavior is not always punished…To be unshakeable, faith must be built on the confidence that God’s ultimate purpose will come to pass.” (Life Application Study Bible, Job 1:1)

“And how, you say, can faith increase? It does so when we suffer something horrible for the sake of faith. It is a great thing for faith to be solidly established and not to be carried away by some sophistry. But when the winds assail us, when the rains burst upon us, when a violent storm is raised on every side and the waves follow upon one another, the fact that we are not shaken is a proof that faith grows, grows abundantly and becomes more exalted.” (Saint John Chrysostom)

“Unshakeable faith is not something we develop overnight. Christ uses the mustard seed many times in the Gospel as a metaphor for the type of faith He says we need to acquire. St. Ambrose reminds us that for the mustard seed to grow from the tiniest of seeds to one of the largest of all plants it first must be bruised or crushed. It is through the trials of life where we experience suffering that we are bruised or crushed but not defeated. The daily prayerful choice to have faith, especially during our worst times, is what enables our faith to grow over time into something unshakeable that will both sustain us while attracting others to Christ.” (Sacramental Living Ministries)

“…we must stand with unshakeable certitude that all historical storms and suffering will only serve to cleanse our spiritual impurity and to clear the spiritual air.” (Ivan Ilyin)

“We must have our gaze fixed on heaven. Then nothing here can shake us.” (Elder Amphilochios Makris of Patmos)

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