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Spiritual Dimension

“Jeremiah tried to warn King Zedekiah about the impending Babylon invasion and told him what he should do (Jer. 45:14-28 LXX/38:14-28). Jeremiah did so because he was directed by God…The spiritual dimension dominates the consciousness of Jeremiah but remains only a shadow-possibility for Zedekiah. He may believe that Jeremiah has a valid point about surrendering, but what motivates the king is the political world with its viewpoints, actions, and coalitions of men…thus he was blind to the spiritual, blind to the real, and suffered the consequences of a decision based on the political over the spiritual.” (Sacramental Living Blog, Dynamis 5/30/2019)

“I wonder about the temptation to miss this connection between the physical and the spiritual dimensions of life. To be sure, it makes sense to me that a modern man convinced that all there is to reality is what he can see. Someone religiously wedded to the scientific method of human reality will certainly downplay or even dismiss any notion of a “spiritual life.”…Under the banner of scientific rigor, contemporary wisdom brushes aside the idea of invariable truth and spiritual reality.” (Father Barnabas Powell, OCPM 11/13/2015)

“Those who reject the spiritual dimension of existence think solely in terms of the physical realm and cannot imagine any condition or state beyond what can be measured and tested objectively.” (Dynamis 12/8/2014)

“Spirituality has not as its objective the offering of solutions to psychological and organizational problems. Spirituality is concerned with the mystery of life and our relationship with Christ…Spiritual life is not identical with psychological growth. The psychological is the human dimension – observable, measurable, open to analysis in terms of cause and effect. Spirituality is the transcendent dimension of human existence, and of more than the human in the human." (Bishop John of Amorion)

“God is...the creator of both the material and the spiritual dimensions of reality…our deepest needs our spiritual.” ( Greek Orthodox Archdiocese, Life Application Study Bible, Psalms 34:9-10)

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