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Prayer (for Others)

“One must force himself to prayer when he has not spiritual prayer; and thus God, beholding him thus striving and compelling himself by force, in spite of an unwilling heart, gives him the true prayer of the Spirit.” (St. Macarius the Great)

“When we continually force ourselves to bless and pray for others, …we will find that our Lord Jesus Christ will change, renew, and refresh our hearts. It may take some time and persistence, but gradually, almost imperceptibly, we will be changed.” (St. Dorotheos of Gaza)

“Do things for others! You will find peace and joy. And God will bless you. Respect life, your own and all life and God will bless you abundantly.” (Father John Zeyack)

“Prayer also nurtures a desire to impart grace to others. The consistent mark of one who is a vehicle of grace is a life saturated in prayer. Thus, the words and deeds of those who pray ceaselessly conform to the Lord’s will, and grace is imparted according to the need of those they meet. Prayer also illumines us to perceive our place in the Body of Christ. We readily submit to others.” (Dynamis 9/28/2018)

"We should especially pray for the person who treats us badly and for the one who shows no regard to our feelings. When we pray for these people we are drawing nearer to the will of God." (Father Spyridon Baily)

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