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God's Will and Expectations

“We must be careful not to become so set in our religious habits that we expect God to work only in specified ways…God often works in ways we don’t expect… Nothing is more limiting than the self-imposed boundaries we clamp around our own lives when we require God to fit into our expectations.” (Life Application Study Bible, Matthew 8:10-12, Isaiah 53:1-12, Jack Hayford)

“Among our worst enemies are our unexamined presuppositions; they lead us to think we understand what is happening around us when we do not. We thus misjudge entire situations, only to discover later that we were wrong and failed to anticipate many key factors. Worst of all, wrong presuppositions often lead us to throw ourselves against reality in a paltry effort to make life to conform to our ideas. On the other hand, unexpected events can afford us great opportunities for gaining humility and learning to accept Lord’s will…“Teach me to treat all that comes to me throughout the day with peace of soul and with the firm conviction that Thy will governs all.” (Dynamis 5/4/2018, Metropolitan Philaret of Moscow)

“God gives signs in our lives. He gives us signs for how to behave, how to forgive, He gives us talents that we are supposed to use for His glory. Yet, how many times do we ignore these obvious signs! Is it because of our own stubbornness? Pride?...God gives obvious signs in our lives. We are sometimes too stubborn or too proud to heed them. We are sometimes too busy to hear them. This is where we go back to listening to God through scripture, but also watching for signs that are obvious for what God expects us to do.” (Fr. Stavros N. Akrotirianakis)

“Naaman the Syrian general was suffering from leprosy and sought Elisha for healing. He was offended Elisha didn’t come out to meet him personally, but instead sent a messenger telling him to bath in the Jordan seven times. He reasoned someone of his stature should get a personal greeting and that there were other rivers far cleaner than the Jordan. But Naaman’s servants implored him to do what Elisha said, to move beyond his own expectation of how events should unfold, and to obey. He did and was healed…simple obedience to God’s will, even if it is not what we imagined, is the only road to receiving God’s blessings.” (Sacramental Living Blog, Foundation Study Bible, 2 Kings 5:10)

“God works in amazing ways to wake us up from the lethargy of our own self-sufficiency. He does what is unexpected. He uses what is close to us to invite us to enter into His life and His peace. He offers us a way through, not a way out, so that even difficult times won’t destroy us. The unexpected is only unexpected if we are blind to God’s goodness to us.” (Father Barnabas Powell)

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