• Michael Haldas


“Routine helps us to make life easier, but at the same time can be a very real danger. Statistics show that new drivers have relatively few accidents because they concentrate so hard and obey all the rules. It is when driving becomes routine and the rules are no longer religiously followed that accidents happen. This is also true in our spiritual lives as well. Even things as basic as the Ten Commandments seem so obvious and routine that we cease to give them our full attention. Slowly, without even noticing, we come to the point where we neglect them entirely. God continues to speak to us but we have long since stopped hearing. It is not that God does not speak to us in the modern age, but that because of inattentiveness, we have stopped listening.” (Rev. Andrew Demotses)

“Even now, in this present existence, our God and King still communicates with us through the Holy Spirit. He speaks to our human, spiritual capacities, for He made us as creatures who are both spiritual and physical…The Spirit’s quickening presence remains essential if we are to understand and obey Christ our Lord. Apart from the Holy Spirit, we would remain in darkness and confusion. Therefore, let us be attentive and heed the Holy Spirit whom Christ sends…Attentiveness and watchfulness are precious gifts of the Holy Spirit.” (Dynamis 5/17/2018, 5/6/2018)

“People should hear and see how God's righteousness is done from the heart's desire. The knowledge of God can only be acquired with an attentive heart.” (Bishop Joseph)

“…our Lord is active in every aspect of our own life. He may act through a conflict we are now facing, or a persecution we must endure for Christ, or an exile we must endure far from our homeland or family of origin. During our travels and while we are at home, in formal interviews and small talk, in planned meetings and chance encounters, God works on our dispositions and understanding. Nothing in this world remains outside His purview. The way of the Lord is to be everywhere present, filling all things. Let us be attentive to what He is doing and saying at every moment.” (Dynamis 5/6/2018)

“…true prayer is both mother and daughter of tears. Contrition and compunction are its regular companions. Compunctious prayer is based on an attentive life attentive to the ever-presence of God in our life, to the purity of our heart, to the genuine humility of our spirit, and to the mystery of death which we must ever remember and contemplate.” (Monk Moses)

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