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“…you can learn a lot of things and can have a mind like an Encyclopedia, full of all knowledge, but if you don’t know yourself and who you are, even if you know everything in the world, you are superficial if you don’t ask “Why do I exist?” and “What is the destiny of my life?” and “Why did God create me?” and, “If I believe in God what does God want from me?” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“Prayer is the basis of our Christian life, the source of our experience of Jesus as the Risen Lord. Yet how few Christians know how to pray with any depth! For most of us, prayer means little more than standing in the pews for an hour or so on Sunday morning or perhaps reciting, in a mechanical fashion, prayers once learned by rote during childhood. Our prayer life - and thus our life as Christians - remains, for the most part, at this superficial level.” (Fr. Steven Peter Tsichlis)

“The Book of Ecclesiastes tells us emphatically that "to everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven." (3:1). In doing so, it is suggesting to us that there is always enough time to do what He requires of us each day. When we seek after God's priorities rather than after what we imagine to be important, the days He gives us are always long enough. We need to keep these truths before us as we live each day. We need to ponder what is truly important and separate it from what is superficial and trivial. To do so we need to stop striving for the temporary at the expense of the lasting, and for the worthless rather than for that which is truly valuable. When we discover that we don't need to do more than what God requires, we do not burden our lives, we liberate them.” (Rev. Andrew Demotses)

“To be “blessed” is to be full of joy and hope in relationship with God. Blessed are those who have directed their attention from earthly rewards, who have gone deeper than superficial thinking.” (Susan McCarthy Peabody)

“Jesus was everything of humanity and nothing of superficiality; everything of godliness and nothing of religiosity. Jesus ministered the joy, life, love and health—the glory—of His Kingdom, and He did it in the most practical, tasteful ways.” (Jack Hayford)

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