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“…the Lord will work with us, even in our shortcomings, even in our doubts, just as He worked with the Disciples. The Lord meets us where we are—in our various states of brokenness, and then works with us to raise us to states of spiritual confidence. This happens because of two things—His faithfulness to us and our trust in Him.” (Fr. Stavros N. Akrotirianakis)

“Begin your day by acknowledging your dependence upon God and your need for God. Purpose by grace that your first thought of the day will be an expression of your dependence on God, your need for God, and your confidence in God.” (C. J. Mahaney)

“If security can be defined as that sense of confidence, assurance, and contentment with life that comes from knowing God, through Christ, personally, then being really convinced, mentally and emotionally, that God is in control of your life brings contentment with the outcome.” (Josh McDowell and Dale Bellis)

“Prayer is the way to experience a powerful confidence that God is handling our lives well, that our bad things will turn out for good, our good things cannot be taken from us, and the best things are yet to come.” (Pastor Timothy Keller)

“…proper relationship with God results in confidence of our position in Christ with a hostile world.” (Foundation Study Bible, 1 John 5:18-20)

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