• Michael Haldas

True Self

“Why is it so difficult at times to see God’s purposes and plans for us?... why is it so difficult to know His will? Well, you don’t know yourself. You don’t know what you’re capable of or what you are meant to be—you don’t know your truest self.” (Father Barnabas Powell)

“This “true self” is not that which is of our own choosing or creation (the ego), but is the gift of God. It is that which is “truly unworthy” for it cannot point to its own making. All that it has and rightly sees is a gift. And the gift is wonderful and without compare.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“Let us first consider self-denial. The serious Christian undertakes such practices as fasting, vigil, prayer, and almsgiving with a specific end in mind. According to Saint Paul, we deny ourselves that we “may gain Christ and be found in Him” (Phil 3:8-9). Standing in the way of this undertaking is our self-will – the rebellious soul that wants its own way. Our inner self can be likened to a raging, 2,500-pound bull – no one is prepared to control such a self.” (OCPM 3/19/2017)

“Asceticism is an antidote to the poison of self-centeredness common in our culture, which teaches us that satisfying our own desires is the key to the good life. The ascetic knows that true happiness can be found only by living in harmony with the will of God, and ascetical practices train body and soul to put God above self.” (Rod Dreher)

“If one places his self in all the things he wants, can he also have room for Christ? When he does not have his own self, and - instead - has the One, the most important, that is, Christ, then he has everything. One who does not have Christ, has nothing. If a person throws away his own self, God will give him everything in a marvelous way.” (Orthodox Agape)

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