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“Christ urges us to remain encouraged, even in the midst of trials and afflictions that seem overwhelming and impossible.” (Dynamis 4/15/2013)

“There is a phenomenon that the more successful one becomes the less successful one actually feels. Big people feel small inside. Often they feel overwhelmed by their own importance . Perhaps, they feel like David the Shepherd Boy who tackled the scary giant, Goliath. They are afraid that the giant will never really fall, so they are forced to face him time and time again. David, in his lifetime, discovered what Zacchaeus seemed to know intuitively. That it is really the power of God that slays the giant.” (Fr. Peter Chamberas)

“We all get caught up in the daily details of life, and it can hinder our seeing the bigger plan God has for us. Our immediate problems overwhelm us and seem to obliterate God’s promises. God, on the other hand, sees the bigger picture and wants us to focus in on what he is accomplishing in our lives. God’s lessons are surrounding us daily, if only we are willing to set aside our busyness and open our “eyes to see and ears to hear.” (Betty Southard)

"I can tend to over think things, creating barriers and complications to communion with God. But He is not complicated. When I feel overwhelmed, and life gets overcomplicated in my own head, let me hand it all over to Him, because in Him things are simple."(Sr. Dr. Vassa Larin)

“Focusing on difficulties intensifies and enlarges the problem. When we focus our attention on God, the problem is put into its proper perspective and it no longer overwhelms us.” (Charles Stanley)

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