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Quality of Life

“We often hear of ‘quality of life’... Let me ask you this, who has a better quality of life: the one who knows God is caring for him, or the one who does not? We all know people in perfect health who are miserable. They are afflicted with resentment, anger, prejudices, fear, self-pity and live joyless lives. True quality of life is only to be found in the life of Faith, worshipping God and participating in the Life of His Son.” (Bishop Joseph)

“I am come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly.” Does that mean that we are going to the live longer than the prescribed seventy years? Not necessarily. But what Jesus was talking about is quality of life, a quality of that is immeasureably and superbly happy because there is first the commandment of love. Love God, love your neighbor, love! Love your brother, love the near neighbor and the far neighbor, love the stranger, love the poor, love the imprisoned, love those who require your compassion and your love. So the whole quality of life changed with Jesus.” (Very Rev. Father James C. Meena)

“…health of the heart is important to our bodily well-being and quality of life. We are advised by physicians to attend to this, giving careful attention to what we eat, frequency of exercise, and even genetic predispositions…When our hearts are being cleansed, illumined, and renewed, we are witnesses of the love of God and of His power. Let us not neglect our hearts. As good stewards of our physical bodies, it is important to attend to the precious organ of the heart. But it is also essential that we affirm the orientation of our inner being. Jesus said, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also" (Matthew 6:20). Renewal of the heart directs our lives toward God and heaven. In Him we will find what is true and eternal, and in Him our hearts will rejoice and live forever.” (Archbishop Demetrios of America)

“‘Quality of Life’ is more than a sound body, it is a heart free of fear and unforgiveness. It is joy even in the midst of trouble. It is courage in the face of hopelessness and anxiety…This is made possible through only through Christ who fills us with His life through the Spirit if we are willing to accept His grace and the abundant life He promises.” (Bishop Joseph, Sacramental Living Blog)

“In the risen Christ, material creation enters the infinity of new life …It opens itself to the life of God, to the splendor of uncreated light. Time is permeated by Sunday, the day of light, life and joyful rest. Time, the attribute of the cycle of birth, death and decay, now acquires a new quality and meaning in its open-ended hope in participation in God's own life.” (Rev. Dr. K.M. George)

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