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Ease, Easy, Easiness

“To be sure, the faithful Christian life is not easy. Yet the disciplines of daily prayer, regular worship, and putting God first will pay off; these will enable us to face every test well and accomplish our calling.” (Father Barnabas Powell)

“Obeying Christ is never easy. He calls you to take up your cross and follow Him..." (Life Application Study Bible, Ephesians 3:13)

“If we choose the traditions and societal structures of those around us in preference to the Church’s traditions, canons, and laws, we will soon find ourselves betraying our Christian faith. Christianity was not meant to be easy; it is often compared to doing battle. If we desire the easy comforts and pleasures of this world, we will eventually lose the battle, and we will perish. If we prefer the laws of this world over the laws of the Church, in the end we will have lost what is most essential and eternal in value.” (Abbot Tryphon)

“Many people don’t understand that Christianity never promises that life is easy by worldly standards. If fact, it says quite the opposite. Many people don’t understand this because they haven’t read the Bible, don’t go to Church that much, if at all, and may even buy into new-age feel good spirituality and allow their view of Christianity to be shaped by other people’s views instead of their own honest and creative examination.” (Sacramental Living)

“God’s purpose in your life is not to make everything easy. Our lives are meant to have meaning…Obviously it’s [faith] is not easy; nothing worthwhile ever is. ” (Beth Moore, Paul Petit)

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