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“In the original Greek, the word translated as imitators is mimitei, a cognate of the English word “mimic.” We are intended to imitate our Father, who formed us from the dust as living souls and blew His spirit of life into us (Gn 2:7). To mimic God is to control our inner life and to direct our bodies as He wills.” (OCPM 12/26/2015)

“...there are no practicing Christians, but only Christians who, in varying degrees, try to practice it and fail in varying degrees and then start again. A perfect practice of Christianity would, of course, consist in a perfect imitation of the life of Christ..." (C. S. Lewis)

“We are not only imitators of God’s nature, but are actually participants in it…By imitating Christ…we will help each other on our journey toward the Kingdom of God.” (Thomas Blackaby, Rev. Fr. David Eynon)

“Prove yourself a god to the unfortunate by imitating the mercy of God. There is nothing so godly in human beings as to do good works." (St. Gregory the Theologian)

“…everyone tends to become whatever he habitually thinks on. We imitate that on which we meditate. The subject of our attention draws us into itself.” (Richard McCombs)

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