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“Martha’s problem was not serving [Luke 10:38-42], but being “…distracted by much serving…” (Lk. 10:40). A danger in all worthwhile activity is letting that which seems to be urgent crowd out the truly important focus of our life. The telephone, emails, texts, social media, and other means of rapid communication breach the walls of our homes with constant and sometimes imperious demands. Who does not know the reality of piles of unanswered mail, unread books, prayerless days, and sleepless nights – all because of allowing oneself to become a slave to the urgent?” (OCPM 8/15/2017)

“The distracted mind is nothing new. Passing thoughts, called logismoi, are not important, yet they can spoil our peace. Our brains are constantly busy. Nerve connections are made and thoughts occur to us. Some are ordinary, such as ‘My garden has a lot of weeds,’ but others are thoughts that lead us toward temptation, such as ‘So and so’s shoes are nicer than mine.’ In either case, while we are at prayer, the Fathers teach us to do the same thing with this kind of thought: ignore it! Then it will pass right out of your mind.” (Presvytera Elizabeth Tervo)

“In an intriguing story called “Satan’s Convention,” an unknown author tells how Satan directs his dark angels to lure Christians away from God. Satan says, “Distract them from gaining hold of their Savior and maintaining that vital connection throughout their day!” “How shall we do this?” shouted his angels. “Keep them busy in the nonessentials of life and invent innumerable schemes to occupy their minds,” he answered. We must be vigilant and recognize that the devil is relentless in his pursuit to pull us away from God.” (Ary Christofidis, Ph.D)

“Make your relationship with God your top priority… Intimacy with God is no different than building intimacy with another person. You have to invest yourself. You must first truly desire this kind of relationship with Him, and that desire builds as you come to know Him. After desire comes investment—an investment of priorities, time, and sacrifice. You have to so prioritize this intimate relationship so that it gets your best efforts, your time, and your focus. Just like any relationship, you have to work at it.” (Father Barnabas Powell)

“Our intimacy with God—His highest priority for our lives—determines the impact of our lives.” (Charles Stanley)

“In the atmosphere of the world today prayer requires super human courage. The whole ensemble of natural energies is in opposition. To hold on to prayer without distraction signals victory on every level of existence. The way is long and thorny but there comes a moment when a heavenly ray pierces the dark obscurity, to make an opening through which can be glimpsed the source of the eternal Divine Light." (Elder Sophrony of Essex)

“Even if your mind is constantly distracted from your prayer, you must struggle unceasingly to recall it. We shall not be condemned because our attention was distracted in prayer, but rather because we did not attempt to bring it back.” (St. John of the Ladder)

“When we speak of distraction in prayer, we do not mean pausing to meditate on certain words of the prayers we are saying. If we are moved to tears or deeper contrition by a penitential prayer, or if we are overwhelmed by a sense of deep gratitude and wonder, we should not ignore this and just push on, even if it means we will not have time to complete our set prayers...” (Archimandrite Vassilios Papavassiliou)

“Do not let the distractions of this world and pleasures that are of a transitory nature keep you from casting your eyes toward God. It is sad how many people spend their lives in pursuit of material pleasures, job success, and entertainment but give little thought to things that are of eternal importance.” (Abbot Tryphon)

“Christ adds a new dimension and a profound lesson to the parable [Good Samaritan]; He reminds us that the person who puts his belief into practice is the one who pleases God. And the fact is that most of us begin each day with the best of intentions. But we allow ourselves to become easily distracted by the business of life, and we do not see the forest for all the trees. The pressures of work, the demands of family, the desire to watch the football game, all are activities, both noble or trivial, that distract us from becoming good Samaritans.” (Rev Andew J Demotses)

“Do not let the distractions of this world and pleasures that are of a transitory nature keep you from casting your eyes toward God. It is sad how many people spend their lives in pursuit of material pleasures, job success, and entertainment but give little thought to things that are of eternal importance.” (Abbot Tryphon)

"During our set times of prayer, we can often be distracted by thoughts— conversations we had, things we are anxious about, someone who has upset us, and so on. We should not allow these distractions to make us give up praying. We must persist; otherwise we will never learn to overcome such distractions and we will end up praying less and less." (Archimandrite Vassilios Papavassiliou)

“Life is full of distractions and delusions. Something as simple as the routines of our daily schedules can lull us into missing our God-given purpose. Even the familiarity of “going through the motions” can seduce us into spiritual complacency, which if left unchecked will inevitably suffocate our potential and cause us to miss all that God has for us.” (Kasey Van Norman)

“Keeping Christ first in your life can be very difficult when you have so many distractions threatening to sidetrack your faith…Trusting in the Lord is expecting that His promise of strength will help us to rise above life’s distractions and difficulties.” (Life Application Study Bible, 2 Corinthians 11:3, Isaiah 40:31)

“We must be intentionally mindful of what actually feeds the soul – resisting words, images, and conversations that distract us from living a life of true holiness…living a Christ-centered life is a struggle, one that we must commit to each and every day. The evil one will try to distract us with things of this world, but remember—these things are temporary.” (Fr. Tom Tsagalakis, Melissa Tsongranis)

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