• Michael Haldas


“We serve a God Who models for us what He expects us to do. In so doing, we develop the image and likeness of God in us. Like our Creator, the rhythm of our own personal rest must, in turn, be directed to others. As we have been liberated so too we must seek to liberate.” (Rev. Dr. Frank Marangos)

“To be carnally minded (Romans 8 v. 6) means to choose to have one's whole being captivated by sin. This decision against God puts us at enmity with Him (v. 7), and thus we have no lasting peace. To be spiritually minded means to accept liberation by the Spirit, so that one's whole being—body, mind, and soul—becomes directed by and is led to the Holy Spirit.” (Orthodox Study Bible, Romans 8:5-8)

“When we seek after God's priorities rather than after what we imagine to be important, the days He gives us are always long enough. We need to keep these truths before us as we live each day. We need to ponder what is truly important and separate it from what is superficial and trivial. To do so we need to stop striving for the temporary at the expense of the lasting, and for the worthless rather than for that which is truly valuable. When we discover that we don't need to do more than what God requires, we do not burden our lives, we liberate them.” (Rev. Andrew Demotses)

“…holiness means liberation - or rather, freedom. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom” (2 Cor. 3:17). Liberation is from someone or something; freedom is for someone or something. Both aspects are associated in the work of the Spirit, who is freedom. These take various forms: liberation from the past-forgiveness through repentance (metanoia); liberation from passions of egocentricity (askesis, healing one's self); liberation from injustice, exploitation, poverty and all social evil; liberation - yes! - even from decay and death - something we speak so little about; freedom to love, even one’s enemies; to allow for personal, cultural and other differences and identities to exist and create; to give one’s life for the others as our Lord gave it on the Cross.” (Metropolitan John Zizioulas of Pergamon)

“Christ is exalted as our Light and our Life. In His Person there is a unity of humanity and divinity which each of us is called to share. In His way of life there is the model of authentic human life which we are invited to follow. In His victorious Resurrection, there is liberation for us from all powers which can keep us from the Kingdom. Through Christ, then, God the Father has repossessed us and has called us to be His sons and daughters.” (Rev. Thomas Fitzgerald)

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