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“If you love true knowledge, devote yourself to the ascetic life…the ascetic life to the everyday person who works a job, has a family and is in the so called “real world” looks different than from a monastic but the discipline of participating in the life of Christ remains the same – daily prayer, going to church, regular fasting…doing the things that move us toward God, denying the things that move us away from God." (St. Mark the Ascetic, Sacramental Living Blog)

“Faith is not an issue of great knowledge and learning but humble submission not to the prevailing knowledge but to the truth of the Church, timeless and eternal.” (Protopresbyter

Theodore Zissis)

“Pursuit of the knowledge of God, His Son Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit, our study of human nature, creation, and its salvation in Christ is not a philosophy, a system, a thing of mere study. It is not a game. It describes absolute reality. That means that in all its detail and complexity, in all its miraculousness and transcendence, it is real and grounded.” (Peter C. Bouteneff)

"The door to true knowledge is repentance. Of course, for most people, repentance itself belongs to the category of legal and forensic things. It means not doing bad things, promising not to repeat the ones I have done, and, perhaps, feeling sorry. This is both inadequate and misleading. The Greek word used for repentance is metanoia, literally a “change of mind (nous).” It can be described as a movement from one form of knowledge to another (true knowledge).” (Father Stephen Freeman)

“It [Christian Faith and life] is not contrary to nature and reason, but surpasses their limitations. It discloses the original nature and purposes of things, reveals their ultimate destiny, and illumines human minds and hearts to"the knowledge of the truth” about God and all things in Him.” (Father Thomas Hopko)

"…Church is the way that God has provided for people to grow in their knowledge and love of who God is and build relationships with other disciples and from this time of focusing on Jesus and connecting with others who love Jesus we can go out into the world and spread the good news of Jesus Christ and his love with others." (Echo Kayser)

“...a life centered in Christ brings about true peace, wisdom, and knowledge..." (Abbot Tryphon)

“Sadly, these kinds of acts [evil acts] are gradually becoming more common because of the decreasing presence of the knowledge of God in society. This knowledge is an immune system in our souls. The less of that knowledge in people’s minds, the more evil rises in any culture.” (Rice Broocks)

“...you may know a lot about God, but you don’t truly know God until the knowledge of what he has done for you in Jesus Christ has changed the fundamental structure of your heart.” (Pastor Timothy Keller)

“ ‘…knowledge of the our Lord Jesus Christ’ (2 Peter 1:8)…This knowledge (Greek epignosis….) is not primarily mental but spiritual. It is experienced as we have faith and bear good fruit in the Lord Jesus Christ.” (Orthodox Study Bible 2 Peter 1:8)

“True knowledge changes us…The knowledge to which Christ refers can also be called “saving knowledge,” for it requires and involves the transformation of the person who has it. And that transformation is in the direction of true existence – conformity to the image of God.” (Father Stephen Freeman)

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