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“In the spiritual life, theory must always be practiced. We must be diligent in working at the divine commandments and remain as energetic as possible in obeying Christ.” (Dynamis 5/10/2015)

“Be diligent to be pure in mind and in heart, correct in your conscience and in peace with God.” (St. Nikolai Velimirovich)

“Diligence is a law of life, and many of the proverbs of Scripture praise this trait and condemn laziness…much of our sin comes from our inherent laziness not to make the effort to do the right thing in our thought and actions… We use diligence to fight against sloth or laziness. Diligence is doing any task (work/chore/job/responsibility) until it is completed to the very best of our ability.” (Rev. Andrew J. Demotses, Sacramental Living, Annalisa Boyd)

“Diligence is widely respected in every culture. Among his proverbs, Solomon affirms that “the hands of the courageous are diligent” (Prv 13:4), while the idle never accomplish their desires.” (OCPM 12/9/2015)

“Salvation comes through Christ...Being ethical, working diligently to help others, and giving to charitable causes are all commendable, but all of our good deeds cannot save us or make us right with God.” (Life Application Study Bible, Hebrews 7:18,19)

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